About Us

We are a global company that works with manufacturers who produce equipment or parts for equipment in a wide range of industries that include genomic and protenomic research, gas and fluid transfer, chemical, biological and environmental analysis, medical devices and allied medical fields, petrochemical and food production.

Our surfaces enable technologies.  Some of our customers applications include non-specific protein binding surfaces for blood and plasma analysis; lipophobic, hydrophobic or hydrophilic surfaces for microfluidic transfer and archival; halogen resistant surfaces for stainless steels and aluminum alloys; chemical isolation and encapsulation surfaces for chemical analysis and chromatography. Our surface modification technologies can provide corrosion resistance, chemical isolation/inertness, passivation, heat and oxidation resistance, scratch and abrasion resistance, hydrogen embrittlement resistance.  We can also bond moieties to surfaces for gas and liquid analysis as well as gas and liquid sampling.  Many of these technologies and surface systems are only available from AMCX.

We have a low ecologic footprint; we have no SARA reportable chemicals in house and we do not use RoHs reportable materials.  Almost all of our surfaces are produced using FDA GRAS materials and most of them are suitable for full, direct contact or surgical implantation.  Where applicable our surfaces have been tested to be non-hemolytic and non irritating for en vivo applications.

AMCX is your quiet surface modification partner.  We accomplish this by offering a mature process that includes a confidential and efficient review of your application, surface system recommendation, unlimited gratis samples and in-house production of your approved part.  We work very hard to stay on the vanguard of new technologies so that our advice is always based on decades of actual experience in addition to new surface science technologies.  We consider our customer list to be extremely confidential and it is never discussed with other customers or used in an effort to gain new business through cross marketing efforts.

Some of our customers have been with us since the beginning; our partnerships last for a reason.